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2020+ Porsche 911 (992) turbo S Spoiler removal & taillights

Note: Perform at your own risk.

Tools Needed:

1. T30 Torx Bit

2. Ratchet Wrench (to accept T30 Bit)

All Photos Property of Tony Kiger

Step 1:

Turn on ignition to power up headunit and go to "CAR" for spoiler settings. It will show a "Spoiler" button on the headunit. Press and hold it until the spoiler is all the way up. Once spoiler is raised, open the rear engine cover with the button located on the drivers kick plate trim.

Step 2:

With the spoiler up, you can now see the "T30" screw under the spoiler that is bolted to the uprights. Remove each T30 screw (one per upright) and slide spoiler towards the front of the vehicle and up and off.

Note: For further removal of lower panels please continue on!

To Remove Rear Duct Tail and Taillights...

Step 3:

Once spoiler is raised, open the rear engine cover with the button located on the drivers kick plate trim.

Step 4:

With the engine cover open, you will need to remove the fan shroud. The oil and coolant cap with need to be unscrewed for the cover to come off as thy sit on top the cover.

Note: Only remove coolant cap if vehicle temp is cool. Otherwise you could cause a coolant eruption.

With both caps removed, the fan shroud can be popped off as it has rubber grommets it is popped onto. It is not necessary to remove the cooling fans.

Shown with shroud and cooling fans removed

Step 5:

With the shrouding removed, on the right hand side you will see the connector for the brake light. Unclip the harness and disconnect. You will also see one of the three "T30" screws holding the duct tail in place.

Disconnecting taillight connector

Step 6:

Identified below is the location of the three "T30" screws that secure the duct tail from moving. Unscrew the T30's and remove.

Location of 3 "T30" Screws

Step 7:

Once the three screws are removed and brake light harness unplugged and free of the vehicle, you'll be able to gently slide the duct tail to the rear of the vehicle 1/2" and at the same time start lifting it up and over the uprights. Be cautious no to hit the painted section on the upright while lifting off.

Note: It is helpful to have a helper but is not necessary for this part.
Slide back and lift up and back to remove

Step 8:

Once the duct tail is removed you'll be free to access the taillights if you choose too.

For taillight removal, please refer to my other tutorial.

Hope this helped and please feel free to share and comment!



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