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2020 Porsche 911 (992) Taillight Removal & "PORSCHE" Plastic Trim

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Revision: 3/8/2020

Note: Perform at your own risk.

Tools Needed:

1. T30 Torx Bit 2. Ratchet Wrench (to accept T30 Bit)

3. Slim Panel Pry Tool

All Photos Property of Tony Kiger

Step 1.

Power vehicle on to raise rear spoiler to access trim panels and then power off the vehicle.

Step 2.

With the vehicle powered off, remove the triangular shaped plastic cover under the spoiler, to either side of the engine fan shroud. To do so gently pull up on them and they are only held in by rubber grommets and pop out.

Shown below of the cover removed.

Step 3.

Locate the "6" T30 Torx Screws that retain the rear light bar in place. These are clearly visible across the top of the light bar as the arrows in the picture address. Note that both end screws are shorter in length for reinstall.

Step 4.

With all "6" T30 screws removed, the light bar can be drawn straight out from the rear and will have a "Green" plug connector on both ends. Unplug the connectors and set the light aside.

Update: Release "Red" plug locks before pulling connectors off.

Step 5.

Next you will find, "2" T30 screws per taillight that need to be removed. Picture below shows the arrows to them.

Note: One screw is Black and short, while the other is Silver and long.

Step 6.

With the first and second T30 screw removed, the taillight can now be pulled out of the rear of the vehicle. With a slight shift of the rear most portion of the taillight, outward, the entire light can be pulled straight out the back.

Update: The outermost T30 screw will now have a additional collar around it that can be pulled out when the screw is removed. This is a "Porsche" rolling production change.

Note: Do NOT rotate the taillight too far or the front corner could make contact with the paint and or break.

Step 7.

With the taillight now removed from its housing, disconnect the "Brown" connector from the taillight and set aside.

At this point the Lights have been removed aside from the actual 'Third Brake Light" which can be found in my other how-to.

You you are wanting to remove the "PORSCHE" Plastic Trim between the taillights, please continue on!

Now that the lights have been removed, we can now start to removed the "PORSCHE" trim as it is restricted by the side lights from being removed.

With the lights out, using a slim panel pry tool, gently pop the top most outer section of the panel out towards you. Working small sections at a time.

Keep in mind this is a fragile piece

Congratulations on the parts removal!

Hope this has helped someone in need!

Tony Kiger - EyeoftheKiger

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