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Rupes Nano (ibrid technology) Dismantle Pictorial

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Pictorial by: Tony Kiger

For Rupes Nano parts:

For warranty support:

Removal of screw in engagement lever

Prying up the unscrewed side of the lever. It will pop off the other side for removal.

Removed lever

5 screws need to be removed along the side of the Rupes Nano

With the battery removed, on the bottom side of the casing you will find a "U" shaped clip that needs to be pulled out to allow separation of the plastic body

"U" shaped clip. Retainer to hold body together

Separating the plastic body

Plastic indicator light cover

Shown motor, trigger, speed dial and the joining of the parts

Separation of long neck and motor

Input of motor into neck

Connector to motor

Gears in connector

Motor removed

Speed dial and trigger removed

Battery connection points shown

Connections to motor

Plastic slide lock sleeve

Disengaged motor from gear

Separation of plastic gearing from motor and spindle

Removal of lock out cap and spring

Removal of center drive shaft

Hope this helps if you are in need of repairing you own tools!

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