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Rolls Royce Forged Wheel Separation

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Note: Perform at your own risk.

Tools Needed:

1. Panel Pry tool

2. 17mm Socket

3. Impact or breaker bar

4. T40 Bit

5. Ratchet Wrench (to accept T40 Bit)

6. Jack to raise vehicle

Step 1: Raise vehicle per lift guide for vehicle and use panel pry tool to pop off the ”R” center cap.

Step 2: With the center cap removed, unbolt the wheel using the 17mm socket.

Step 3: With the wheel removed, you will find ”3” T40 screws on the front side around the lug holes and on the backside of the wheel “5” T40 screws. Remove all of them and separate the face plate of the wheel.

With the faceplate removed you can now, clean, paint, powder, or do whatever your imagination brings you.

To reassemble, follow directions in reverse. All T40 bolts should be snugged and not over tightened.

Hope this helped someone out! If you have any other needs or how too’s please feel free to message me.

Tony Kiger

“Eye of the Kiger”

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