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Porsche 911 & 991.2 Window Molding Removal

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Note: Perform at your own risk.
Porsche 911 "992" interior triangle is fixed to the door panel. Do not try to remove.

Tools Needed:

1. T20 Torx Bit

2. Ratchet Wrench (to accept T20 Bit)

3. Slim Panel Pry Tool

4. Painters Tape

All Photos Property of Tony Kiger

Step 1.

Put window down. This will allow for easier trim removal.

Step 2.

Open door and locate the triangle on the inside front of the door. Using your hand or pry tool, pop the plastic triangle up and out. Note: some of these have a wire ran to them so be cautious.

Step 3.

With the plastic triangle trim removed, you will now be able to access the T20 screw that holds the outer black plastic triangle in place.

Step 4.

With the T20 screw removed from the inside, you can now lift the outer triangle up and away. This will now allow for the molding to my removed.

Note the clipping and screw points below.

Step 5.

With the external triangle removed, we can now begin to pry the molding up, little at a time while progressing forward.

Note: do not lift the molding too high as we do not want to bend it. Also you may want to tape off under the molding prior to removal.

Step 6.

With the molding removed, you can now, clean, prep, replace and or so forth to the panel. The following pictures show the channel that the molding is pressed onto as well as the groove in the molding itself.

To reinstall the molding, align front and rear corners, and press the molding back on. In some cases the molding may need to be tapped back down do to fitment.

Note: Ensure rear of molding trim is aligned properly before closing door.

Follow instructions in reverse to reinstall.

Hope this has helped someone in need!

Tony Kiger - EyeoftheKiger

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