McLaren 720S Headlight & Front Turn Signal Removal

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Perform at your own risk

Tools Needed:

1. Small Ratchet

2. 8mm Socket

3. T30 Torx

4. Flat Head Screwdriver

5. Panel pry tool

6. Jack

7. Proper socket to remove wheels

First start by engaging Park Brake

Next jack up the front end in designated lift point to be able to remove front wheels.

With the front wheels removed safely, locate the plastic push pins and screws holding the front inner fender liner in place.

Indicated below are the eight (8) T30 Torx screws to be removed.

once all pins and screws are removed, the liner can be pulled and set aside.

This now allows access to the back of the headlight and mounting.

Indicated below are the three (3) T30 torx and 8mm nut that can be removed to to allow for the headlight to be released.

Note: To access the left most located screw (pictured above) remove the frunk outer plastics that just pop on. This will allow access to the screw and others to come.

Shown is the connected un-clipped from the plastic bracket that is optional.

Disconnect the headlight harness