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Jeep JL Ext. Door Handle Removal

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Note: Perform at your own risk.

The steps to follow will explain how to easily remove the exterior door handles on a 2018-present Jeep Wrangler (JL Body).

Start by opening the door you are planing to remove the handle from. No interior panels will need to be removed.

Starting on a front door, open the door.

On the front door, near the latch on the door, you will find a black sticker covering a hole. Peel back the sticker and you with find a screw that is a T25 torx head. This screw will need to be backed out to release the small section of the outer door handle.

With the screw backed out far enough, remove the small section of the handle by pulling straight out from the panel.

Once the small section is removed, grab the large handle and slide it to the rear of the vehicle and pivot it out away from the door.

On the front doors, with the handle pivoted out, you will find they have a plug going into them. Simply clip the plug and the handle can be fully removed from the door.

Note that on side that has the smaller handle, when removed, there is a rubber gasket that is clipped onto the door panel. This can be removed by just popping it off.

Note: With the front door handles fully removed, make sure you do not drop the plug into the door otherwise you will have to take the inner panel off to get to it.

As for the rear door handles including the trunk door, there are no wires connected to these handles and come off through the access hole in the door panels in line with the back of the door handles. The rear doors you will need to lift the rubber door gasket and you will find the holes to access.

Note: the below door handles do “Not” come off the same way and require Removing the interior panels to access the “2“ nuts that hold them on.

Hope that hat helps someone wether they are installing film, correcting the paint and or swapping handles.


Tony Kiger

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