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Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 Side Mirror Removal

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Note: Perform at your own risk.

Starting with passengers side mirror:

First, open passengers side door for access of inner door panel. Ensure that the window is in the full up position.

Using a panel pry tool, gently pop off the door release switch. Under the switch you will find a torx screw that needs to be removed. Remove at this time.

Note: Drivers door panel does not require this procedure. Simply pop off a cover under drivers handle and remove two (2) screws.

Locate screw under door grab handle and remove.

Using a panel pry tool, start on the bottom of the door panel and pop it loose as you work your way around. The clips will sound as if the are breaking off the door as the are pressed in pretty far.

With the door panel separated from the exterior panel, disconnect the harness from the back of the inner panel.

Next, moving to the door jamb, locate the rubber boot and release it from on side (from interior side of vehicle or from door. You will find a black wire with a yellow connector. this is the XM wire that runs into the mirror. Both drivers and passengers mirrors have one. Disconnect the wire as it will be pulled out with the removal of the mirror.

Going back to the exposed door, remove the speaker, as the XM wire is clipped to the inside of the panel in one spot. Pop it of for later removal.

Note: not all C6 vettes have this clip.

Locate the connector inside the door panel through the the speaker opening, that runs to the mirror for power. Disconnect

Locate on the exposed door two (2) covers, top inner most portion of the door. Peel the tape, or grommet back to expose the three (3) 10mm nuts holding the mirror to the door.

Remove the three (3) nuts and gently pull mirror from the door while feeding the XM wire out as well.

At this point the mirror should be fully removed and can be fixed, replaced, correct and so forth.

Installation: Follow in reverse order.

Hope this helps!

Tony Kiger - Eye of the Kiger


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