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2020 Porsche GT4 Side Scoop Removal

Note: Perform at your own risk.

Tools Needed:

1. T30 Torx Bit

2. T20 Torx Bit

3. Ratchet Wrench (to accept T20 Bit) (Thin Ratchet)

4. 10mm socket

5. Flat Head Screw Driver (stubby)

All Photos Property of Tony Kiger

Step 1:

You can either remove the rear wheel or perform the task with the wheel on. For ease of access, I recommend removing the wheel.

Step 2:

With the wheel removed, use your T30 torx to remove the identified screws as well as the two(2) 10mm plastic nuts. (pictured below)

Bottom of Rocker / Wheel Arch
Top screw in corner of rocker to quarter panel

Step 3:

With all screws and nuts removed, locate the plastic "half" turn clips on the bottom side length of the rocker. (pictured below)

Step 4:

Using your stubby Flat Head Screw Driver, turn each plastic srew a half turn and they will pop out.

Note: To re-install just press them back in.

Step 5:

With all clips removed, or at least 4 of them, we will start by prying the rocker panel away from the quarter at the top corner of the wheel opening.

Note: At the front top most corner there is a tab to lift over.
Tab to lift over
Tab clipping point

Step 6:

With the top section of the rocker separated, we need to continue separating it down the door jamb.

Note: Only Separate up to where the rocker meets the plastic door sill plate as it is double sided taped on. No need to remove sill.