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2019 Porsche Panamera Door Panel Removal

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Note: Perform at your own risk.

Before starting the door panel removal, ensure that you have a slim panel pry tool, as well as a T30 torx bit.

Starting on the front doors, remove the upper door trim that surround the release lever. To do so, use the panel pry tool popping each end of the panel out and working across the panel. There are several tabs that keep the panel on as well as two(2) plastic tabs that force the panel to be shifted to the outside, for removal.

See below pictures:

Popping trim panel off

Revealing plastic tabs

Jumping to the rear door, the panel will come off the same, however we will also need to remove the speaker grill which hides another T30 screw. Each panel has four(4) T30 screws holding them to the door.

Gently, using your panel pry tool, pop off the speaker cover.

Once the rear door speaker cover is removed, continue using your panel pry tool to remove the light located on the bottom of all four(4) doors.

Displayed below shows the direction to pry, as this will allow the light to pop out, revealing another T30 screw to remove.

T30 screw displayed below that was behind the door light.

Shown below on the rear doors, is the location of the four(4) T30 screws to be removed.

As for the Front doors, two(2) T30 screws can be found under the main trim panel, third behind light , and fourth under arm rest after small cover is popped off.

With all screws removed from door panels, using your panel pry tool, start at the bottom of the panels and pop them off, working your way around till they are free. Slide the door panel off the upper seal to expose the door handle cable and connectors.

How the top of the panel seats to the door

With the door panel slightly removed, disconnect the door handle release cable by pinching the white connector together and sliding it back to release the clip. once the clip is released, slide the end of the cable out of its groove.

With the door handle cable released, disengage the two(2) attached connectors from the door. Release the red clips before pulling the connectors out.

At this point you should have been able to successfully remove all four(4) door panels.


Tony Kiger

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