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2018-Present Lincoln Navigator Taillight Removal

Step 1: Open rear trunk hatch.

Step 2: Locate the plastic taillight shroud cover and pop it off (held in by plastic tabs, just pulls off).

Step 3: Under the shroud cover you will find "2" 10mm nuts and a "1" 8mm screw. Remove these 3 as the two 10mm's hold the taillight in, as the 8mm holds the bumper, fastened to the body.

Step 4: Use painters tape as shown to protect the bumpers finish prior to using a panel pry tool (later to come)

Step 5: Locate the "T25" torq in each fender well (one per side) as well as the "5" plastic, Philips head retainers (per side) and remove.

Step 6: Starting from the tip of the bumper (nearest wheel arch), us a panel pry tool to separate the bumper from the body. (refer to picture)

Follow along the top of the bumper on its horizontal and vertical axis.

Step 7: With the bumper clips separated, you will find that there is on more clip under the taillight, on the top of the bumper. With one hand under the bumper, pull up and to the rear of the vehicle and the bumper will pull completely away from the body. You do NOT need to fully remove the bumper to remove the taillights.

Step 8: With the bumper pulled away a few inches, you can now unplug the taillight.

Step 9: After unplugging the taillight, pop the taillight out. To do so, pull the taillight straight back from the rear end and "2" plugs will let loose that remain holding the taillight against the body.

Step 10: Side taillights are removed and now onto the middle light.