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2018 Porsche GT3 Deck Lid Vent Cover & Spoiler Removal

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Step 1: Open rear engine hatch

Step 2: Locate carbon fiber cover on underside of engine hatch.

Step 3: Remove “12” T20 screws holding the carbon fiber cover in place. Step 4: With carbon trim removed, locate the interior right and left side vents.

Remove the “4” T20 screws per right and left side interior hatch vents (total “8” T20 screws)

Step 5: Locate the wire and plug in the center bottom of the engine cover hatch (third brake light connection), and unplug.

Step 6: With the interior vents removed, locate the “6” T20 screws per right and left side exterior trim vents. Screws are removed from the underside of engine hatch. (“12” T20 screws total) .

Step 7: Exterior vent trim covers can be lifted off from the exterior of the engine hatch.

Step 8: On the inside of the spoiler uprights, locate the “4” grommets, “2” per side. Remove the grommets.

Step 9: Located under the grommets are “4” T40 screws, “2” per side. Remove the T40 screws. Step 10: Gently lift the spoiler up, off the vehicle while feeding the third brake light wire up and out of the engine hatch.

Step 11: Job Complete!

Note: Reassembly is followed in reverse order.


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