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2016+ Porsche GTS Fixed Spoiler Removal & Dismantle

Listed below will follow directions on how to remove the double fixed wing on a 2016+ Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

Start by releasing the Engine cover. Switch located on the drivers inner door seal.

With the engine cover open, locate the fan shroud cover and start from each corner and pop it off. Notice that the shroud cover is held on by rubber grommets. Also remove the rubber center duct with the shroud cover.

With the shroud cover removed, pop the right side cover off the same (labelled Mobil 1).

Center Fan Shroud Cover

Right Side Shroud Cover

Next you'll see a connector that was under the right side shroud cover. This connector goes to the third brake light. Disconnect the smaller plug.

Next you are ready to remove the "2" T30 Torx screws that hold the entire Wing assembly to the vehicle. These screws can be found at the bottom corners of the fans as the spoiler comes forward. Remove the "2" screws.

With the "2" screws removed, gently slide the entire wing/spoiler assembly towards the front of the vehicle, as the wing/spoiler assembly is only held in by 6 plastic grooves (does not allow wing/spoiler to slide back).

At this point you can now disassemble the rest of the wing/spoiler if you would like or remove the taillights as the "2" screws per taillight are now visible.

If separating the wing/spoiler you will need a reverse Torx bit.

Shown below are the reverse torx screws.

Shown below is the separation of the wing/spoiler assembly.

Follow instructions in reverse to re-install.

Hope this helps!

Tony Kiger

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