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2016+ Audi R8 Upper Quarter Panel Scoop Removal "Driverside Only"

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Note: Perform at your own risk.

All Photos Property of Tony Kiger

Tools Needed:

1. T30 Bit

2. Rachet to accept T30 Bit

3. Thin Panel Pry Tool

4. Painters Tape (precautionary measure)

Step 1.

Using your thin panel pry tool, locate the inner front trim panel shown below and pry outward from the scoop.

Step 2.

With the small trim piece removed, you can now access the "2" T30 screws holding the side scoop in place. Remove both T30 screws.

Step 3.

At this point it would be safer to use the painters tap to mask off the paint around the side scoop. Once tapped off, use your panel pry tool at the front most top portion of the scoop and pry outward to release the panel from its clip points.

Noted below is the "5" clip locations.

With all the clips released, you now have a removed panel for replacement, correction, wrap, or so forth.


To remove the Passengers side scoop, the fuel filler neck will have to be disconnected and to do so, engine shrouds will need to be removed first.

Hope this helped!

Tony Kiger

Eye of the Kiger



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