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Rupes LHR75E Dismantle Pictorial

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Below is a link to Rupes USA interactive parts page for the LHR75E

For warranty support:


This guide is for those that choose to take on the task of maintenance and or repairs to their own machines. If the machine is under a year old, I would suggest you send it in for repair under warranty. Otherwise, continue on!

Use Rupes provided allen key to remove backing plate

Remove the 2 Phillips head screws from the rear of the polisher

With the screws removed, slide the rear of the polisher case back

Now you can see the exposed wiring

The top center plastic is the slider from the switch on/off to the trigger plunger

Located carbon brush (one on each side)

Lift spring to allow for removal of carbon brush

Disconnect end of brush wire

Brush holder now revealing the contact point to the motor

Worn carbon brushes

Next remove the head cap

Locate the 4 Phillips head screws under the counterweight, retaining the plastic shroud cover

Remove the 2 Phillips head screws to remove counterweight

With the plastic shroud removed, you can now separate the the gear box flange from housing

Remove 4 screws to allow for gear box to be removed from the body

Don't loose the spacers

Remove Armature wires from Brush Holder Plate

Pull the Armature from the body


Contact point of the brushes

Pull plastic cover from Strator

Strator held in by 2 long screws

Strator fed out of the body with leads

Switch removal

Press trigger slide forward (maintaining pressure)

Lift top of switch up and pop it off (while maintaining trigger slide engagement

Switch connection point (visible)

Connection points of switch

Remove switch trigger slide to the rear of the machine (spring loaded)

Spring under slider

Remove power cord secure point

Remove power leads (while unplugged)

Pop speed dial up to disengage

Disconnect speed control leads from trigger

At this point any and all services can be made of repair if need be. To re-assemble the Rupe LHR75E, follow in reverse order, as the switch on/off button needs to be installed before the Strator and or Armature is re-installed.

Hope this helps if you if your machine is out of warranty and or you choose to repair or maintenance you machine on your own. Enjoy!

Please Feel free to comment and or join as more "How-to's" are to come!

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