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2014+ GMC Sierra Cup Holder Removal (bench seat style)

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Note: Perform at your own risk.

All Photos Property of Tony Kiger

Tools needed:

1. Phillips Head Screwdriver

First, start by opening the armrest so that the rubber cup holder section is fully exposed.

With the rubber holder fully exposed, start with the back corner of the rubber and lift it from its surround.

As you lift the rubber, continue working your way around to where the drinks are placed.

Note: If syrup drinks have been spilled into the holder it may be more difficult to remove.

Once the older is released you now have full access to the lower plastic housing. At this point you can now thoroughly clean the cup holder assembly and lower housing of any lingering spillages.

Shown below is indicated of the two (2) attaching points to the plastic housing.

At this point if your are wanting to remove the plastic housing we can continue as this will also allow access to the USB charge ports in the console.

To remove the plastic housing, remove the four (4) phillips head screws indicated by the arrows.

Once all four (4) screws are removed, lift the plastic trim up and away to expose the lower mounting area as well as the USB charge connection points and 12V port connector.

Indicated below are the connection points of the four (4) screws.

Show below are the two (2) alignment points when reinstalling the plastic trim.

With all of the parts removed, you can either thoroughly clean the pieces and or modify the plug ports and then some.

Hope this help someone in need!

Tony Kiger



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