1965 Cobra Paint Correction and Coating

Updated: Mar 30, 2019


When it comes to restoring a vintage vehicle key notes should be taken along with care of fragile and irreplaceable pieces such as glass, door handles, knobs, and other trim pieces. This '65 Cobra came to us initially for paint correction and a durable sealant, however after evaluating the paint and the frequent wipes of this extremely soft single stage paint, a coating was recommended to allow a harder surface that would make wiping the vehicle surface much safer and easier to maintain.

Brief history of this Cobra:

Focusing within the light

This '65 Cobra is a "CS" VIN and is "Original." That being said what I mean by this is that it is an aluminum body and not fiberglass. It does not have side exhaust as for that was later on, and no roll-bar. Original numbers matching 427. One might say this is a Unicorn of a masterpiece.

Fine Detailing: